Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stop Wasting Time On A Man That Won't Marry You

Okay, many online and print publications, have opinions or 'facts' about this topic. Millions of love starved women then click on the links hoping to find some groundbreaking information about the 'man will marry me signs'; only to come away with paragraphs of theory (fluff) about this age old dilemma.

I'm going to simplify this for the ones that need or want to know and will probably either piss off or gain some male fans with exposing this little known 'secret'. 
Are you ready to find out the truth? Do I need to add more paragraphs to make you feel it was worth your taking the time to click this link?

He Will Discuss his Intentions
While this is a no-brainer, women must know that it's in our nature to want to chase after, capture and hold onto what we treasure or love. A man with a clear intention of marrying you will not have to be coaxed or pleaded with or 'I hope he wants to marry me one day-ed'. He'll discuss it because he can't stand the chance of another dude coming in chasing and capturing you. 

No Excuses 
If you've been in a serious relationship with your guy after 3 years and he's still making excuses about why you can't get married soon; just know that you probably won't get married to him. It doesn't cost a lot to get married, but can cost a fortune to have a big wedding. Know the differences. It may cost much upfront money to buy a house, but doesn't take much to move a new husband or wife into a present home or apartment (providing that all of your belongings will fit). Careers don't die because of suddenly getting married and schooling shouldn't be affected. Of course if you're marrying a time thieving, envy monster; then the career and education part will matter. 

Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid
If your man is saying "I'm going to marry you" every year and you have been together for 3, 4, 7 years; do yourself a favor and stop getting drunk off of the Kool-Aid and have a serious discussion with him and if this is fruitless; plan your exit strategy.

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