Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Think I Saw a Civil War Ghost on the Subway

Okay, this has been on my mind for a few days. I've not wanted to talk about it, I didn't even tell my wife of 11 years. It's something that's hard to talk about, especially to her. It happened on the way to work.

I was on the westbound blue line heading towards the center of town when I saw it. But did I really see it? Was I half asleep as I am most of the time on the train? Naw, I saw IT. I remembered soon after the conductor announced the station, an older woman walked towards the senior seats. Behind her and a little to the left, I saw it!

It was a man dressed in what looked like a military uniform. But it wasn't a modern uniform, it looked old as in real old. I almost want to say it looked like a civil war type of uniform. It was bluish with slightly worn collars and patches of a reddish hue on the chest area. The man was white with a lot of hair on his head and a growing beard. He seemed to be about 20 but he looked worn and sad.

I briefly looked the other way as we caught each others' gaze. A chill ran down my back and then up again. The train conductor announced the next station. I looked back over to the strange man. He gave me a hard, cold stare. Did anyone see this dude? Was he homeless? No one seemed to notice him. This is normal on the train anyway, but NO ONE seemed to SEE him. He kept his eyes on me.

I looked down at my phone to take my mind off of his piercing eyes, opening up and playing a round of Othello. I felt uneasy about the man. It was as if he was speaking to me but without actually speaking. The other odd thing I noticed was he seemed to be sitting HIGHER than every one else on the train. I didn't dare look up from my phone because I didn't want to see the eyes.

"Andrew, Andrew. Do you remember me?" I heard the voice, but it wasn't loud. It was inside my ear, like a slight ringing, buzzing sound, but words. I looked up and around me. This is crazy. Why and how did this happen? This is a work day and this is impossible at this point in the trip. The train was completely empty, except for me and the strange man. 

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