Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is What I've Concluded About You From My Ten-Year Experiment

Some parts of society have become the biggest reality show. Seriously. Much of today's pop culture and I use the word culture loosely; is nothing more than a bunch of mostly bored and boring people being safe, thinking safe and living or should I say imagining a more robust life (like that of a reality show star). These people use social media to 're-imagine' themselves as bottle-popping party heads, surrounded by the 'coolest' people (who are usually homogenized, like milk).

I've recently concluded a ten year experiment. My experiment, while far from being scientific, has been mostly anecdotal. I decided that I wouldn't allow the people to know that they were my subjects as the interactions had to be as real as possible.

My unscientific conclusions:

1. People need to feel safe from true trendsetters. What's funny about this is people are intrinsically trendy, but this trendiness only goes as far as what everybody else is approving of. Many men are still afraid to be themselves because they have to hide their insecurities in a mixture of testosterone and the 'my d**k is bigger than yours-isms.' Many people are also not hardwired to understand a true trendsetter because the true trendsetter is usually someone that they'll consider weird or eccentric.  These people are so allergic to true change agents that they can sometimes get visibly upset when communicating with or even seeing them.

2. Original thinkers are becoming rarer. I've not come across more than 5 truly innovative thinking persons during my ten year study. The intelligence of the people studied ranged from below average to above average and smart(some of the above average and smart ones are the ones that tended to override their below the surface fears and jealousies when they encountered someone who may be MENSA smart by trying to correct the way they speak, write or how they operate as a whole. These types are fun.

3. People are not as good as they think they are. People fashion themselves as decent on one end and as mini Jesuses on the other end of the spectrum. They don't realize that most highly intelligent and intuitive (notice I wrote intuitive) people are ahead of these faux goodie two shoes by many steps. Smart intuitive people only entertain these types just for that, entertainment...and maybe some future benefit.

4. People need to feel that they are different from groups that look different.  Most people are not truly racist, but most are culturally separatists. There's nothing wrong with this. The only problem is when one think that being in a group that looks like______________, are better than the ones which look like__________. Most people that are compared based on social and class structures, tended to be more alike than those sorted by ethnic brands. While there are people in every ethnic group that would love to see a "race war" , unfortunately (for them), this probably won't ever happen because of all the 'gray' social, philosophical and sexual ties (underground and overt) of  many ethnic groups. We love each other more than we want to admit!

5. Most people are not with who they want to be with. I've heard more complaining and screaming about bad guys and a few bad women and it makes me wonder: wtf you were doing when you selected this one? Why is the divorce rate so high and at the same time there are so many wedding planners and infrastructure that's setup for getting married? Why get married if you're a natural cheater? The relationship summary from my ten year study is that many people are unhappy, depressed, have holes and need someone to fill their holes, so they find that soul that is best at hole filling, not necessarily the one that will actually stick with them, or be considerate or even keep a damn job.

There are a few other types that I won't discuss at this time, but may cover in a future post or posts and if you're terribly disappointed because you wanted more words in this post ("you should've touched more on this topic"), I say be patient, I may formalize it in a mini book, part of a big book or I may just leave it as is. But stand by to agree with or hate me. 

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