Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How I Found my Future Wife Behind a Table of Books

Violette at the Atlanta Scifi & Fantasy Expo

We first met in a dark space filled with dancing and drinking people.  She had many of her books on a table, selling them and talking about what’s in between the covers to both unknowing and knowing people.  She said that when she first saw me walk in; she knew me; although we never had any real English exchanges on the www before this evening. But she knew me, my face, my exterior; when I slithered into the nightspot. Her friend even noticed the book I had clutched; her book and I desired her signature across its inner page.

I immediately noticed her astonishing beauty, her steady, but shy gaze into my aura and although she introduced me to her friend; I remained captivated by her exterior.  I felt a little heat near my heart; the same heat that I felt when I first discovered her on the www while rummaging through my real friend’s friends on the www.  I’d been single for nearly a year and wasn’t totally satisfied with the few choices I’d come across, but when I came across her (her photos on the www); I felt a little heat around my heart.

We talked into our eyes, conversations about art, music, and writing. Her friend eventually sat on my chair’s arm and whispered small talk while her dreadlocks kept falling into my face and I kept wondering why my paperback writing friend was so distant (at least in my head it felt that way) from me.  Her friend’s guy friend looked on at us with a suspicious eye while I continued to try and speak some English to my main attraction. She sold a few books, and spoke with hangers-on, I felt the heat near my heart rising and I stayed there until she was ready to leave.

I offered to help her with her unsold books and other things, but she declined, so I decide to hang in the middle of the dance floor, but not to dance. I waited on my new friend (at least that was my intention) to return and maybe give me her number or any indication that she wanted to keep in touch. She didn’t return. I leave several minutes after seeing her disappear in the back parking lot with a load of stuff. I figured that she left and I was just another book fan with a fresh signature in a book.

The next day on the www; I get a comment from her thanking me for my support. I mentally jump up, clapping my feet together like a character in Aesop’s Fable story. I smile, I blush and respond back. We speak on the www for several weeks; getting to know our insides and it was all good.  We go from being casual art/ music/ writing friends to being lovers and acknowledging the love bubbling in our hearts for each other.  

In a relatively short period of time; we could NOT be away from each other more than two consecutive days. Sleep became less of my friend and nodding at work became the norm; as I had to see this woman as much as possible.  The connection and love reminded me of the strongest high school love. It felt so new, so fresh, and so innocent.  I also knew at this early time that I could marry her…like, be with her forever marry.

December 10, 2011, we officially made our love more public with a ceremony showing God and others that we love each other and that we are committed to this union forever.  This union is almost 7-years old, but it feels that it was infinitely in the making. I look forward to our forever commitment, being a family and growing spiritually, emotionally and financially stronger.

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